Is it me?

Do I need to re address myself?

What a way to end what could have been a very good work day?

I made a msitake. A had sent a cheque to a landlord who just happens to be one of my bossess oldest friends. He the landlord had supplied his account details so that the money could be paid directly into his account. He asked if he should destroy the cheque I asked him to return it back to us. This he took great offence with, he said he had felt humiliated, said ge had bought the house from us and expected some level of trust. I did explain I was just doing my job (I did not wish to be held to account on not rqeusting this). He was futther annoyed when I asked him to confirm his bank details over the phone. Even more so when he told me at some later date he would be changing the landlord details onto hos sons name and I asked if the bank details would be changed too.


I feel annoyed and humliated the way he talked to me. His tone was angry anf when I apologised tome and time again and saying he could destroy the cheque he sounded like a spoit child insisting he would return the cheque.  I am sure this will reach my boss who will not be pleased by methods and will tell in no uncertain terms that I am at fault and need to work on my people skills.

My collegae who tried to smoothe things with yhe landlord I am sure will say the same.

I think they feel I do lack some work skills or that I do have a tendancy to repeat things (not every one likes this I’m told) or that I am too cautious…you know I’m intention was not to cause offence but to protect myself….yes I was cautious and yes I aplogised but it seems it is not enought….May the lord have mercy upon me.



Pls some one make a worthwhile comment.

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  1. My comments are always worthwhile! I may not have a job, but even I know that people aren’t nice, and we just have to accept that. Maybe working on your people skills will help, but remember it’s not always your fault. Just be polite when a client is irritating you, they’re just upset, and they need an outlet for their anger.

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