A Thorn In Your Side

We all have those pet peeves, don’t we? The actions that bother you more than anything, that get on your last nerve, and make you go insane. Well, for me they might seem quite crazy to be the last straw, but hey, everyone has  a few chaotic opinions, right?

So, first off, just a warning, my first two pet peeves involve grammar, which may sound quite ridiculous.

1. Whenever people mix up the words, “then,” and “than.” – It’s not hard to figure out the difference between two words. The word, “than,” is used to compare things. The word, “then,” is used to show time, (ex. “She went to the store, and then she went to Burger King for a quick lunch.)

2. The word, “separate,” is NOT spelled, “seperate”. – Basically, instead of the 4th letter in the word being an e, it is an a. Flashback: One time in 7th grade, the word, “separate,” came up. My teacher wrote it on the board as the wrong spelling. She didn’t know how to spell the word correctly. I raised my hand and proved her spelling wrong.

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