Late Night Gourmet Meal

I am a Gourmand, or I should consider my self as a Big Gour(wo)mand.
My biggest passion are the well cooked meals. I love to cook and prepare tasty meal for me and for my friends and family.

Just because this is GoodNight Journal, I would like to reffer this blog post for the Late Night meals I ate lately. First, I must say that I am a big vegetables lover. So anytime I have occasion i choose to eat fresh vegetables. I prefer something green. Something light and bright.
Sometimes it might sound not right, but I thing that vegetables colors are compact to each type, the same as the vegetables taste is compact to each other.
Sometime I cut the vegetables on a small pieces and combine it with others with bigger shape. It’s great view for seeing and also for tasting.

One of the most important thing with cooking is to know the exactly supplement food.  Color combine with taste, taste combine with occasion.

It’s really super important to use gourmet supplement food for everything. Just like the strawberry jam or cream chocolate sauce. This Gourmet food are great in combining a tasty dinner.

Many of these gourmet food ingredients you can find it in a local market or on some webpages for food selling. Webpages like, (see more )

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