Praying is how I talk to God….

Ali is in Camp this week.  I am carpooling her and her best friend home and get to listen to the girls cutup and laugh for almost the entire ride.  Their friend, Mason, is always the subject of their conversations as they derive ways to chase him, kiss him, and marry him.  Poor Mason.

Today, before we ever left the parking lot – Ali stated that she missed Nana.  “Kate, do you know that something very sad happened?”  Kate replied, “Yes, I do – your Nana died.”  Ali continued with “Yes, do you know that my Nana is my mommy’s mother?  It is not easy for my mom because Nana is very special to her…and she is very special to me too.”  There was a moment of silence and then the girls returned to their normal topic of conversation…Mason.

At camp, Ali attends a Bible study everyday.  She is only 5 and learning so much from it.  She explained to me that she can talk to God by praying.  Yes, that’s right – I replied.  This week I also started a nightly devotional with Ali at bedtime.  It is the children’s version of Jesus Calling and absolutely precious.  Ali leads herself in prayer at the end of the devotional – most of the time she sings or asks God to heal a booboo, etc.  Tonight she sang her prayer of thanksgiving and when I thought she was finished – she looked at me and motioned for me to bow my head again.  Then, she started…”Dear God, thank you for letting Nana be in Heaven so she can be happy.  I miss her so much.  Please let me come to heaven one day so I can be with Nana again.  Amen”.

Ali then assured me that Nana would be at the beach with me this week.  “Of course, she will.”

Such a sweet yet powerful prayer for a little girl.  I am touched by her spirit and love & understanding of such a BIG topic.  I am constantly learning in her presence.

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