Ranting It Out

My fucking dick of a brother takes all the fucking food that I make for him, when there’s more to choose from. Like, MAYBE consider the fact that our parents have to eat, too? He’s so fucking selfish and it pisses me off. Most nights he takes one bite and throws the rest away. It’s like, are you REALLY trying to make me feel like shit? Because, well, congratulations, because it’s working.  So, eventually, he ate not even half of the meat he took, and he threw it away, along with all of the fries that he took. Honestly, if you’re going to throw away everything, don’t even bother taking anything. I am so fed up with his bullshit. Then, my dad walked inside and I almost started screaming to him about it. The only reason I didn’t was because I know that if I told him, he’d just reply with, “I know,” because my dad could care less about him anymore, and I don’t blame him. Either that, or he’d go scream his lungs out at him. My mom screamed at him because he was invading me and my sister’s time and my dad wants him out of our lives as much as possible because he’s just full of negativity. So, my brother won’t even look or talk to me. I’ll have to be honest, I like it.

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