Is there a difference?

Is there a difference between someone who you love, and someone who you believe to be the keeper of your soul. Your ‘soulmate’. There is this one man, whom i’m emotionally drawn to. Someone who would love me, no matter what, without conditions, no matter what I ever said or did. He would love me. I could commit murder and still be a saint in his eyes.

This was the very reason that I hated him, and loved him. I love him because I know that there’s no fault in his eyes. But also hate him, because it never challenges me to be a better person. Because I know that I can be me, and that is more then enough.

He is my Barcelona.

Have we ever had anything? Not really. It was always this kind of mutual love thing. I dont really know. We both felt it, but never said it. Until it eventually came out one drunken night, in a text message, and the whole world stopped, and it never really started again. 2 years later, these feelings, whatever they are, i’m not really sure. One thing I know is that i’ve never felt them for anyone else, and I probably never will.

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