Peace, hope joy and happiness: how I have found it

Many struggle in today’s world. There is constant heartache around the world. We all face trials in our lives. And yet, we CAN overcome them and find peace, hope, joy and happiness in the meantime. The way that I have found this is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I rely on Jesus Christ to carry me through trials. He helps me through everything because I pray to him and ask him for help. I am also strengthened through daily scripture study. In my religion, we study the Bible, as well as another book called the Book of Mormon. It is a book written by people who lived in the ancient Americas. It was translated by a living prophet, Joseph Smith, and it contains the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. Whenever I am sad, whenever I need comfort, whenever I need help, and even when I am happy, I turn to this book. It brings the Holy Ghost upon me and I feel comforted, happy and peaceful. As I read this book the Holy Ghost testifies to me that it is true. I feel a burning in my heart, which cannot quite be described. It makes me happy, though, and I can tell that the content I am reading is true. I know that when I am obedient to the commandments in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, as well as the commandments which have been revealed to living prophets, I am blessed and I am happy.

Please, if you are sad, if you are going through something extremely hard, if you feel that no one in the entire world can understand you, I promise that it is not true. Jesus Christ understands. He suffered everything you will ever go through just so that he could comfort you when you go through it. Please, turn to him through your hard times. Turn to him through your happy times. He will guide and bless you. For more information about my beliefs, please visit . It is through the gospel of Jesus Christ, which has been restored upon the earth today, that I have found happiness. My name is Anna, I am a Mormon, and I love it.

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