This morning I woke up at 8:52am and went to the bathroom as usual. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and took a bath. Then I went.to eat a sandwich with Bologna and cheese. Once I ate my sandwich I took my medicine with water. As I was sitting down at the dinner table I realized my mom’s Homemaker didn’t come today. I were wondering what happen, because she would come a lot of times on Monday. Anyways I decided to got to JCpenny today to be get everything I need for my interview on Wednesday. I am getting so sick of tired of not having enough money to help myself. So at 3:23pm I went down to the bus stop and, my dad told me to get my butt down to the house because he decided to take me to Jcpenny. I was glad of that because I would have has to walk a mile to JCPenny when I got off the pace bus. I went to JCpenny and bought “Call it Spring” heels and a blue Rossetti crossbody purse. This one woman in the shoe section who looked like she was 65 and had two children tried to talk about the jacket I got on. I was going to say something but I decided not to stoop to her level. Then she had the nerve enough to laugh at me and the woman behind the counter. Like really with your fat ugly self and had me waiting for 20 minutes so u can get done with a phone call. Aren’t we all too old for name calling or trying to talk about someone else especially y’all ghetto elderly people. I don’t know why its so amusing for alot of people to pick on others because they have low self-esteem or they trying to make their self feel goo by putting someone else down. Immaturity that’s what it’s called and needs to be outgrown.

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