thanks sprout :)

thanks for helping me out with new site 🙂 it helps me a lot.

I have going crazy about the city sticker that I bought already and have to get it again. I went to city clerk over 5 times already but haven’t got it yet cause there were 100 of people waiting on the line after that they wanted me to bring a police report that I can only get at Chicago police office headquarter in downtown only in office hour which I can never make unless I take a day off just for that.
Today I finally got a police report for my old car that will prove that my car get stolen. It was hassle to get it from my old insurance company but I feel so happy to have that now. got so frustrated for this whole process that Chicago has. just hoping to get it tomorrow with no more issues.
other than that thing it was very typical day. have been working on new site all night.

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