Working….working….and working…..

Today has been a very long day at work. *sigh * The good part was that I have got to hear B’s voice a few times. He makes me smile and laugh more than anyone else, even from 350 miles away.  The heart wants what it wants but why does it always want the most complicated things? I would give anything to just cuddle up with him. Doing absolutely nothing with him would be awesome.  I love him and his kids. We seem to be from two different worlds, though. I don’t know what to think some times. Some days I think he really feels the same way that I do but other days, not so much. We are friends who talk about a possible future together pretty much. We have both been through so much these past few years. I guess all I can do is sit back and see what happens. 

One thought on “Working….working….and working…..”

  1. Hi lovingb23, hope things go well with B 🙂 I get jealous when I see story like that cause I don’t even have a someone to fell in love with 🙁 it is so hard to find one.

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