Need to stop stressing…

Seems like I have been working non stop this past week. This is one tired girl. I finally get home from work, get in bed, and my mind just wont shut up. I have been working hard to focus my attention on things other than B. I am not sure if he even notices that I haven’t been texting as much. I don’t know how I should feel. I know how I feel but is it right to? I don’t know why I torture myself like I do. I wish I was there or he was here. Just to sit down and talk face and get on the same page. I think I need sleep. Lots of it. Everyone is like oh,today is Friday aand I’m thinking yep, I have to work tomorrow. Oh well. Life continues

One thought on “Need to stop stressing…”

  1. Hello , that was odd that’s my bible and I marked it ! I remember! And I understand where your coming from I will focus on getting right . This is the lowest I’ve ever been in life . I love u so and will get right . I’m waiting for you and have made commitments to myself and you and I will press in to meet my goals . You take what time you need or feel u need . I’m a good man and you are my true love ! And yes I was blind to so much ! I just can’t even believe it B . I’m sorry and will make it up for the rest of my life if you let me . Love you and miss u home with me . Michael Ochoa ❤️

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