Work in progress

So this is my debut in writing my own thoughts in this journal. I read that its a great idea to write in journal it helps you to keep track of your thoughts, ideas and moods. So here i am…

Today was just another day in paradise (San Diego, CA) just another ordinary day and God knows how hard i try every day to make happy and in some ways special day, i fail most of the time.

Lately i listened to Joyce Meyer on how to enjoy every day life and everything she says makes sense but in real life its not easy…so not easy.At least for me. My every day seems to be  “copy and paste” of the other. Seems that i live only friday night to sunday evening, which is pathetic. i look forward to something all the time and cant get hold of being satisfied and content in the present moment. so this is what i have been so hard on myself  lately about. This is my daily conversation with myself –  “Inga, just start to be finally happy, right now and right here. Life is not about constant entertainment and fun time out, but life is about mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays…etc, simple weekdays…so just find your happiness, sense of contentment and joy.”

God knows how hard is to change the way you thought for 32 (almost 33) years…this is like a stronghold i have to break. changing ways to which you have been accustomed to is so tough. and  i pray…and i try to be aware of what i am thinking and saying every day and gosh this is not easy.

I guess headline of my life right now is – work in progress. but i guess its good. God is definitely working in me, which is a great sign.

well this day is almost over. tomorrow i will wake up to the new day (oh i decided to wake up at 6 so i can have plenty of time for breakfast and exercise, we will see how thats gonna go) and my work will continue, i will try to enjoy my day, my life, my job…

sweet dreams,


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