Adventures of Bunny&Cat: Defeating The American Dream

Tonight it ended right. Not full of hate, anger and arguments. We hugged with tears in our eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I meant it. I will always love you Serena. Sorry if any boogies or slobber got on your shoulder. Believe I always care. Believe I will always be here.

Ugh, I know I sound like a fuckin ass hole.


When I’d dress up for her at school and she’d love it. I dressed for her everyday.

When she’d give me money for snacks because I was a hungry Destinee and I needed to get fat.

When she’d kiss me in the halls, oh God.

When I told her nothing I do turns out right when we were sucking helium and she laughed a laugh I’ve only heard her laugh a couple times ever.

When she was drunk and wouldn’t let me grind on her but let me eat her out lol. Saw her nakey for the first time and took care of her.

When she always brought me pizza from work.

When we did that skipping mosh thing together.

When we suffer in the Texas heat together. Like everyday lol

She got me the pug shirt I thought I’d never have.


All our stories would cover two-hundred bodies in ink.


I love this girl. We’ve gone through entirely too much together. But there’s no one I’d rather go through it all with.


Please be my forever.


October 17/26, tell everyone to fuck off. Spread the word that you will be fucking taken. Everyone.


Don’t hesitate to ask me for a damn thing. I’m always here for you, love.

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