Dear Diary

I have been going over and over with the issue of me going over to Las Vegas in February 2014!! I have so many questions?? Will it be worth my while me going over to Las Vegas? Will I actually be with whoever he may be?? Gibb Osmond or Klok over in Las Vegas due to each of the three men’s names tight schedules!!

I have decided not to visit Sacramento in California cutting down a lot my own travel expenses, saving myself a lot of money!!! I am to visit Las Vegas for one week only, 8 nights/ 9 days from 13th February to 22nd February 2014!!!

I am on the invalid’s benefit here in New Zealand due to a personal health issue which affected me for so many years  and top of everything else!!! I have no interest in living overseas, New Zealand is my home!!  I like to spend rest of my life here in New Zealand with a wonderful, kind, beautiful man who like to, can live here in New Zealand, can be transferred through his own job!!!

Is there a man out there?? Gibb Osmond or Klok like to, can live here in New Zealand? Like to live, share life, with me, Susan Elizabeth Ansley here in New Zealand? I also been thinking of the pro’s and con’s with each of the three men’s names, Gibb, Osmond, Klok having  each of their own successful careers in the entertainment industry over in America and over in Europe!! I will only accept three men’s names Gibb Osmond or Klok, whoever he may be??? Strange that!! I have to do what is best for me, as everyone else does what is best for them!!!

For me to live overseas realistically is not possible!! I have to have one extremely good paying job, to support myself!!! There is no guarantee I will get a paid job as an animal carer for a country vet!! Only time will tell I will get paid employment as an animal carer for a country vet!!! One never knows what is around the corner!!

I quite enjoy having my own social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, google+!!  I answer both posts and tweets on both facebook and twitter!! I know my tweets and posts do get read as with other posts and tweets!! Do my own posts and tweets get read to?? I wonder at times!!! Susan Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok here in New Zealand

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