Dear Diary

I have yet again been doing much thinking with the issue of me going over to Las Vegas in February 2014!!! I do not want to regret not coming over to Las Vegas!! The one thing that is putting me right off coming over to Las Vegas to be honest here, Las Vegas is a gambling city!! YUCK!!! Which I find very unsettling!!!

I have no idea what to do?? I do what is best for me!!  I do go over to Las Vegas in February 2014, what will I gain? Realistically coming all the way over to Las Vegas??? I stay in a motel lodge in Las Vegas!!!

I know a man I like, I am attracted to!! I like each of the following men type/s  a Donny Osmond, a Hans Klok  a Andy Gibb (of the late singer) A man I know I will feel so comfortable with!! I know this man is the one!! I am thinking right now of signing up with a online dating site,!! I want a man is single and available!!!

I do not want any messing about!!! I am seriously looking for love and romance, a life Gentleman friend,, soulmate a beautiful, kind, wonderful man, best friend,  share life with here in New Zealand. I think I give a try!!! Susan Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok here in New Zealand.

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