Dear Diary

It is now 6.53 am NZDT time right now, looks like it is going to quite a nice day here in Taranaki here in New Zealand. I am still going over to Las Vegas in February 2014 as planned!! Though to honest I am not that keen, due to Las Vegas being a gambling city!! I have seen on TV!!!

I do not come on over to Las Vegas, I will regret it!! I know for sure I will meet a wonderful , beautiful man, whoever you are??? Gibb Osmond or Klok!! I suppose I am very nervous, for the very first time in my own life, I am to have my very first romance, relationship with a Gentleman!!

The ONLY three men I will ONLY accept is Gibb Osmond Klok!! Gibb Osmond or Klok is my future darling dear husband, best friend, hubby, soulmate, life partner!!!

I think need a hug!!! Actually I love a hug!!!  After I get my own ipad mini sorted out, get this jolly password sorted, I am to sign up with each of the following social networking sites, Pair, Couple, PhotoCircle and Path!!! I will still to keep each of my own three twitters, my own facebook and both my own Google+/Youtube accounts!!

Gibb Osmond Klok have each their own twitter and facebook accounts attached to each of their own websites!!! Only link I have through each of  Gibb Osmond Klok to each of their own websites is through both facebook and twitter ONLY!!!

I heavily rely on both facebook and twitter for any news with Gibb Osmond Klok!! I strictly  do not have any access at all to each of the following websites and Hans Klok’s websites at all!!! All set up for the American, British, Canadian and European fans ONLY!!! Susan Ansley Gibb Osmond Klok here in New Zealand!! Furture Mrs Gibb Osmond or Klok!!!!

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