I’ll keep this short as possible since it is my first entry. I wrote this for tumblr, but I think it can fit here as well. It isn’t an old piece of writing though, I had only written it this morning maybe? I’m not very good at remember things. But here it is:

 There’s the smart and then there’s the knowledgeable. Anyone can be smart, but…only few can be knowledgeable. How knowledgeable depends on how much you are exposed to the true realities of life. Depends on how many questions you have with no answers. These no answer questions don’t help you gain knowledge but an understanding of a particular topic.

 For example, can you define life, love, and death? Not what is in the books or you are told. But a true meaning and understanding no other have simplified. Life can be anything and everything around us, but some define and simplify it as any living creature. Love is not fondness, pleasure, or taking an extreme interest in, but it is defined as that.

 Love, I would say has different meanings. Family love, friendship love, and then relationship love. But all in all, love is the feeling of being wanted, feeling of being accepted, feeling of comfort around the person, and feeling of being safe. Lots of feeling, but to me, it seems like a better meaning of love.

 Books tell you death is the end of life. But is there really an end to life? They say spirits exist in the beyond. So their definition of life is inaccurate. As far as anyone knows, there is no after life, just theories and possibilities.Death to me is the cease of existence or existing. but it can also be the separation of a body and spirit.

 Joined as one, they separate and part, one takes to the sky while the other disappears. Freedom and Decomposition. Spirit and Body. Life as we know it was created when they had conjoined.

 Another example. Those who use logic are usually more peaceful. Why? Because let’s say this. You’re dating someone and think everything is perfect and it is but then one day you see them kissing someone else. People’s immediate reaction? Their cheating. People who are logical ask for the reasons before letting the conclusions sink in.

 In language arts or writing any paper it is the same, right? So why does no one see the life lesson in it?

 Patience. One of the keys to logic.

 All this seems much to take in right? That’s why I’m here. To explain to you how I see the world as it is.

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  1. I think what you wrote is amazing it really got me thinking.

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