Not What It Seems

  Haven’t been updating…again and I apologize. I just don’t really know what to write. It’s hard because I don’t know if I can talk about a certain topic long enough for it to be interesting. But here’s one I wrote on not judging without a whole story. I plan on re writing my past three entries a bit soon.

  Criminals and people considered bad don’t actually start out “bad”. If you get what I’m saying. I mean have you ever seen a baby hold up a gun and try to kill people? No. They have to have been misunderstood, mistreated, and neglected to have become that way.

  Bullied or abused by classmates, family, or your significant other, it starts off as a state of shock. Like you couldn’t believe it is happen to you. Then it comes to the coping stage. Where you could change to try to fit in, fall into depression, feel the need to suicide, or run away. If you stay and let it happen, there’s a good chance you might fall into depression.

  Falling into depression through abuse or being bullied is in no where good. You become stress and then…distant. You change. And feel as if everyone is leaving you. You feel as if you are closed off in a room. You seem to suffocate and no matter how much you scream, no one can hear. They either watch or turn their backs. They seem to laugh and mock you.

  After falling deeper into depression, you seem to become insane and start hurting others as revenge. Or you continue to shut others out into you can’t handle it anymore and suicide.

  If you start hurting others, you somehow fin the pleasure in getting revenge. They left you, hurt you, and now you were getting back at them. They weren’t going to be the ones who stood and laughed at you or turned away from you anymore. They were the ones who were going to be cowering in fear and not daring to walk away.

  That’s your thoughts. What a criminal or “bad” person feels. But once their done and authorities are after them and putting them away to keep them from hurting others, they start to realize what they’ve done. That’s where the paths split again. They can choose to own up and face the consequences or they can choose to suicide. They don’t want to face the disappointment that might be shown. Authorities do what they think is right and what they think will keep others safe.

  Sometimes they miss valuable information. Like how they were abused and mistreated very badly. That it was their parents who also should be locked up because they were the ones who cause them to become this type of person.

  Ever read those love stories where a criminal kidnaps someone and soon they begin to change? That because the victim is showing the criminal what they never had and what is still out there. Care. People who care. Who they can trust. Their soul mate. Someone who gives a positive influence that can change people who have become “bad” back to good. If the victim turns the criminal in, it is so that the criminal can learn and fix their mistakes.

Enough said.

Criminals are people who have never experienced love or care, and think that violence and revenge is the answer. All they need is for someone to understand them.

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