Arf Arf.

Another stupid fucking dream about the two of you. You were leaving me for him…again. And twice during the dream, he came up to me and held up both the senior bag and the warped tour bag as if I was supposed to pick one and take it with me. And both times I picked the senior bag because it was bigger and more familiar. Kept seeing you guys together. School let out and I was walking slowly down the halls leaning against the walls in pain. Hurt. Bridget was there trying to get me through it. Then I missed the bus. I used to dream about that a lot.

Anyway, so I’m 100% sure you’re going to have a lot more fun than I am these next couple days. Enjoy.

Morning is off to a decent start.


Dillon: Rena, what happened to your arm?

Serena: oh, uh, work.


Ha. Can you imagine.

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  1. I know that no one knows me on here so I probably look like a huge dick but I can’t tell you now Destinee you’re wrong about everything. Everything you assume, everything you think about me you’re always wrong and you know it.

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