First day in Dubai!

I was there at the airport for more than an hour waiting for the taxi. Jeez. It is so hot. I was so thirsty. I wanted to jump in water and just stay there.

I came to the place where I’m gonna stay. Oh. My. Gosh!! It’s a beautiful villa. This is gonna be awesome. Was talking with aunt Ruky. She’s so awesome and fun. Had breakfast before I had a wash. I was so freaking hungry.

And there’s this dog named Tina. She’s soooo damn cute. She’s awesome!… 😀

I need to buy a new phone asap. Fuck these 2 phones I’ve got now? Yeah The one I’ve been using for the past 2 years, the keypad Then we had lunch. We went out for a walk with Tina (dog). Then I helped aunt Ruky to cook dinner. Had a glass of wine as well.

OMG! I haven’t drunk enough water today. Not even a bottle… :O

I’m hungry. Sleepy. I want my teddy!!… =(

2 thoughts on “First day in Dubai!”

  1. Assuming that u comeback from Dubai, how was it? I always wanned go there!

  2. It was AMAZING! AWESOME!…. The best trip ever!… 😀

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