The warm winds of august nights are so refreshing. Blowing my hair back and brushing against my eyelashes,  I close my eyes and feel the energy that flies within. Crickets are chirping the air is muggy yet crisp- a sign of summer ending and autumn hovering, waiting to settle in. I sit on the steps thinking of God, friends, and family. I daydream of the love my husband and I are so lucky to share, how deep our love and passion is. We make a fiery pair like a hot summer storm. I open my eyes and look around and feel lucky, blessed. The night becomes darker the sky hazy with smoky clouds fading away. The sky is ready to rest, it pulls over the blankets and turns on its starry night lights for all the world to see. I find there are many small oddities and natural occurrences that happen all the time and only sometimes, the sun setting happens everyday and a rainbow happens only once in a while, yet both these occurrences are amazing, our eyes never tire of seeing them. Take a moment and let the wind envelope you, watch the sun rise or set, search for a rainbow, all of these are here for everyone to enjoy they are free and will bring joy to your heart, smiling is healing.

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