forever my lil shawty

These damn dogs got me thinking she’s outside so I run to my window… Can’t help to think she brought up the 21st because she wanted it for her own reason.

But I saved so many pictures just for you, and made an account on FML just so I could favorite the ones I liked and show you later. Plus I have a baby surprise for you. I know you’ll like it.

and I looked looked through my baby book today. So many details about me and it’s amazing. All I could think about was showing you.

STOP. Stop being so whipped.
But it’ll make her happ-

4 thoughts on “forever my lil shawty”

  1. Mm… Hey, I’m sorry… Glad to know that you’re reading my journals California, I really appreciate it..
    I’m here Serena, I always will be be…

    I’ll write more, just bear with me…
    Thanks so much <3

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