Spring Has Truly Sprung!!

Our world is filled with white spring blossom, 2 twenty foot plum trees  stand in the neighbours yard. A 15 ft plum tree in our yard looks like a japanese pink cherry blossom tree, and another  20 ft plum tree is covered in perfect white blossom. It’s Soooooooo….. pretty! 

Our winter has been Too warm! We did not get the Cold Snap we needed to set the flowering strength of our Roses, but I have fed and composted around each plant: I’ve cleared the weeds and long grass away from the base of my roses and bucketed water to each plant! Hoping that they will bloom before Christmas, and again next February and March in the cooler temperatures! Have also begun to interplant the weed Fennel, (not the edible stuff,) amongst my roses to give them something strong to twine around and the feathery ferny fennel  looks well with my Roses – and it stays green till well into Autumn.

My dog has been unwell, for a long time. He is 15 yrs old this December. A trip to the Vet last month proved informative! He, the vet would not believe that Tippy was 15 yrs old. He’s such a fit dog, with very little arthritis, but that’s because he sleeps on a foam mattress, and I sew new covers for their mattresses every year! They are well fed dogs, getting 2 meals a day.Our cats and our dogs get  a light vegetable oil in their meals, to help them with food which can stick in the feeding tubes a bit, it helps to move furballs and hairballs, also, it keeps their coats shiny! Our daddy, has been adding half an asprin to Tippys’ drinking water, just to help deal with inflamation (swelling) in his face. Probably due to infected gums, but you’ll get that with farm dogs, eh?

He’s so strong, so brave and so handsome my boy doggy!


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