you only live once eat whatever you want

Yup! I ate what I want tonight. I couldn’t resist anymore on my hunger ended up eating a pack of port belly myself. so satisfied now but I will have hard time annoyed by my belly sticking out of my pant lol.

at least I went to work out and ran for an hour today. Anyways, trying to go back to working on my project again. wasted too much time for myself and Godaddy.. still so disappointed at them. Going to do some research on my new site. u all have great night!

3 thoughts on “you only live once eat whatever you want”

  1. It’s your real life, and you have a right to share with the world!
    Now that i know you’re a guy, I feel obligated to tell you I’m not that chubby( Im just an awkward with body teen), but I work out with my mom sometimes, so its good.
    I promise I will read every entry you post, Marauders code( if thats a thing, ps, you a fan of Harry Potter?)

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