It’s Raining Again………


June through August 2013, this is the first decent rain we’ve had in all that time! It’s such a relief to wake in the night to the sound of rain on the roof, and to hear the sound of car tyres swishing by on the wet roads… not that there is much traffic passing by at 4am, but there was one car this morning! I wondered who could be out and about at such an early hour!

There’ll be no gardening happening today, so I’m designing new garments for husband and I. Underwear… His & Hers knickers, also new bra-tops for myself to wear, this coming summer. Have spent the last two weeks planning this activity for a rainy day. Cometh the rainy day, cometh the new underwear! I asked David for his opinion and he said, ” they look like “jock-straps!” Of course they do, but I call them Tarzan Knickers. I want to have ‘the important little places’ covered, not encased! Besides, I hate store bought knickers. When I get a couple of pairs finished, I’ll take a photo and put it up here. 

Got a letter from Niels, my Heart Failure (HF) Specialist. I can’t decide if he’s really pleased with my progress, or whether he’s just resigned to ‘my choices!’ I have just writen a letter in reply! Here is the body of that reply!

Hi Niels,

Thanks for the prescription for the ACE Inhibitor which I received  yesterday, and the letter to remind me that I needed to reduce the Spironolactone by 25mgs. I have already reduced the Furosemide to 1 x 40mg tablet a day. Since I saw you on the 8th of August, however …. I have found that when I cut my Digoxin dose in half, (by taking one tablet instead of 2), I can get outside and work in my gardens for almost 2 hours each day, and though I do huff and puff while I’m out there: a few minutes of rest between activities, settles my breathing and my heart rate right down. I do Not go silly and overtire myself. I just do 2 hours of outdoor work, which I have sorely missed, then I go inside to rest, or sit out in the sunshine and nap. On Monday, I walked to town (Carterton) to do a little shopping, and walked home again. We live about one kilometre from the shopping centre. Fortunately, there are bus shelters with seating, interspersed along my walking route: I would have been foolish Not to use them. J As for the Warfarin: may we please leave that until my next appointment in February 2014?  You are probably aware that I am Not in favour of  this medication ….. but, can we see where things are concerning my condition in February, then we shall decide whether ‘to Warfarin or Not to Warfarin??’  Thank you for your concern and well wishes. 



My friends call me Emmi.

I am well, and very happy now that I can move my meds about so that I am able to work around my home. I know that Niels and the Cardiac nurses trust me to manage my own tablets etc… because I want to get well!! This next year of recuperation is about seeing how close to my normal activities I can get, without loosing condition or stressing out and loosing it completely! It feels good to be in charge of my own health outcomes.    






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