Straight as a circle.

Aha, and you stopped your comments at 3..2..1..
Fucking lying, scary, childish, hypocrite ass bitch. A bitch that still doesn’t get me apparently.
And I guess I’m excited about Chris because you’re finally opening a new chapter. I think it’s great and you guys would be hella cute together.

Tell me why I’ve been dreaming about Bridget and about the weirdest things. Bridget… Girl, you just don’t know… But she’s not 360… Not even a little.

I enjoy going to work for the most part. Saw Brandon for the first time in forever yesterday. He’s so cute, I really missed him. I wonder what he thinks about. Kalamas bitch ass got me smiling sometimes. And I get excited to talk to Lonny now. Why? All these kids at work still being Seniors. Got me feeling old. Stephanie is the best. She never bitches at me and she talks to me no matter how awkward I am, she’s the shit and wish I could thank her for it. Stacy has been real cranky lately. But I’m not trippin. She’s still my Stacy.

Uggghh there’s just so much. Mom bitches about how I spend my money. This fucking car. My weight will probably be a forever issue. I’ll never get this college shit together. And when I finally do, I’ll probably fail. I want to cut my hair SO BAD. But I’m scared. My face will always be a mess of acne. I’m just not good enough.
. I love myself anyway. I’m not gonna act like a little bitch when so many people have it worse off than I do. I only have myself to blame.

These boxer briefs look too good on me lol

Wish I had someone to listen.

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