Perhaps The Cold Snap Is Coming, Today!

The weather has been warmth and sunshine for the last few days however, it’s apparently going to change drastically over the next 3 or 4 days! Cold, snowy, blowy, windy, rainy….. The blossoming fruit trees are as beautiful as ever…. every day when we step out onto the back deck, we hear the hummmmmm….buzzzzz of bees busily fertilising the blossoms by transferring pollen from flower to flower. There’s a sense of ‘ the awesomeness of nature,’when one realises that this is Nature at its’ finest; naturally, without any imput from mankinds’ technology, producing fat purple eating plums from Nothing but pretty blooms!! Our backyard is becoming a protective haven for husband and I. I will take photos when the Roses come into their second flush, because that’s usually the best blooming time for them, – and by then the blossoms should be gone and the friut already forming on the trees! I have photos of the spring blossom loaded plum trees which I will put up at the same time. If I seem like I have many things on the go…. I do: but I also have a list-schedule which gets jiggled every day depending on my energy levels, the weather, and what the darling man wants to do! I’ll get through it though! I’m nothing if not persistent!

Wednesdays are notoriously busy because as well as the list-schedule to deal with; it’s also our big shopping day! David has already been out once this morning – he has one more escapade to town, in an hour – then it’s my turn to go shopping! We have a sick dog (Tippy)and mamma doesn’t like to leave him alone with the well dog(Ollie) because even though he’s sick, Tippy is still the Top dog, and Ollie will challenge and possibly hurt Tippy, if they are not watched!  It’s a mother’s worst nightmare, eh??

The photo at top is of my ‘Veilchenblau’ rose in bloom 2 years ago, with ferny-feathery fennel in background on the right. Isn’t he beautiful!


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