He’s On My Mind,,,so I’ll Write About Him!

He’s an Angel of a cat, with the nicest nature… handsome, and he loves his Dadda more than he loves me, but I can live with that, especially at feeding time! He was born in a family of 6 kittens: 2 boys and 4 girls. All beautiful, and all extremely affectionate! And, they were born on a farm, just over the back, about 12 kilometres away from here, in Gladstone – in 2004, the year I turned 50 yrs old. We have had many, many cats over the years. Gray-gray is one of our latest two, and I am writing about him today because, last Thursday during the night, he went walk-about and he hasn’t come home yet. His Dadda and I miss him! We have the other cat, Pretty girl whom we call Midgey: and our two big dogs, but we need him too!! We are family! (as I have to keep reminding Ollie dog.) 

He who wants to be the centre of everything, but that’s because he & Midgey  had very weird previous owners… who were going to give Ollie to SPCA, (who would have had to put him down because of his breeding deformities.. and allergies,) and those owners fed him, a German Shepherd, on cat biscuits! We were staggered and that’s why David said, “I’ll have him,” the moment they revealed what they were going to do with him. When they left, they didn’t even tell us about the cat whom they abandoned! So, we adopted her too!

Gray is the last cat left from that previous litter who were born in Gladstone. If David had not found them hidden in a little cave dug out of the side of a ditch, they may have been drowned when the rains came. As long as we’re here, we’ll leave the cat window open and keep a light on so that he can see us from a distance!

Come home baby boy!


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