to trust or not to trust

so this is the first day at me being a better person i now have someone in my life that cares about me and even if i cant call him mine i still see him as mine. i spend all my time talking to him and he has been keeping me together enough to feel like i can heal and to be happy!  and i really mean be happy not just a blank smile, scares me that my happiness is coming from trusting someone else but i guess its about time i do trust someone. Trusting him is the defining point in having trust in people and im a little worried that its gonna blow up in my face all over again but i feel like he is someone that could be the reason for my life going really well or really horribly and tonight will be the night that im going to show him… wish him luck hes going to need it

2 thoughts on “to trust or not to trust”

  1. Really hope things work out for you 🙂 <3 would love reading the journal of how everything went if you don't mind for writing it…

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