Walking Through Fire… in my Garden!

A good fire burns everything, totally, until there is nothing but ash left: and fire is absolutely necessary  to clear ground quickly and cleanly, in the garden. The owner of the garden should always know where the parameters of the fire are: at all times!

During my own perambulation through fire, around this time last year, I can truly say that, that fire burned everything in my past away! Totally and cleanly, leaving a huge BALD spot! In that bald area, I shall plough up the ground and add sterilized bags of compost full of nutrients to enrich and feed the Roses, Agapanthus, Irises and Lillies which I want to plant in there, surrounded by Nepata Catmint; 6 Hills Giant, Fennel and Garlic plants. This is the kind of garden I love to grow. The queen of flowers surrounded by the protection of mundane, ordinary, every-day, common-or-garden varieties of plants, which really do provide protection for her.

I adore my roses but the Catmint, Garlic and Fennel  are every bit as important, because they protect the entire garden from all kinds of predatory insects, which just want to party in the rose, lily or iris flower beds. These ‘bad boys’ never want to party amongst the Garlic plants, or in the Fennel forests. They want “pretty and weak.”  Hah! Isn’t that always the way of it!


p.s. – Like the Fennel, the Catmint and the Garlic, we like statuesque and strong; People, (women in particular,) and plants!

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