Paua (NZ. Abalone) Shell & Rock n’ Roll.

This shell is so spectacular and so common that almost everyone who’s born in NZ, has either a pendant, a pr of earrings, a brooch or a pin, a baby spoon, or a 21st Birthday Key, with this shell embedded in the lettering somewhere! My husband has a triangular chunk of this shell, unvarnished and unrefined hung on a black cord around his neck, where I have a larger finished, – refined – buffed and polished, multicoloured, curved disc hung on a silver chain, around my own neck. Husband sleeps with his on, I take mine off each night, and put it on again each morning. We have been through the phase where we both had to have a greenstone (Nephrite Jade,) piece around our necks, but we have graduated to a shell which in 50 years may no longer be found on our shores, so we shall hang on to these pieces  for as long as we can, then put them away amongst our treasures. I sent one to my friend Dionne in USA, and gave one to my eldest daughter. The shell comes from the paua (pa pa -oo-waah), and it’s the inside of the lower shell, under the meat! No other abalone on the planet has such a beautiful shell. The person who designed these discs, took the coloured bits of shell off as well as the crusty outer shell: but I can still see the colours softly reflecting in the polished pieces!

Have been listening to “the Sounds” radio for the last 3 days – listening to what they reckon has been voted by the listeners in NZ, the best ONE HUNDRED albums EVER!

It’s Friday, the 3rd day – and we’re up to the TOP 3 beginning from the third best album. They reckon it’s the Eagles – Hotel California. I’m sorry, I would place “Brothers In Arms” by Dire Straits before Hotel California and the Eagles! Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” album is number 2: (I would not have chosen them, but that’s OK!) –  and the number 1 album voted by the listeners to”The Sounds,” radio station in N.Z. 2013  –  is Pink Floyds,’ “Dark Side Of The Moon! We have just discussed it…. this “100 best albums lark, seems like it’s been pre-chosen, maybe??? Over the years I’ve known alot of homes which have had Pink Floyd in their music collection, either Dark Side of… or The Wall! Uh, my brothers still have Pink Floyd albums among their music stash. Ah well, it’s all over now. I’ve heard all my favourites – Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Neil Young, U2, etc…. I’m good for another 10 yrs!





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