2 – Other 50 Top Albums!


51         Led Zeppelin     


             Led Zeppelin II                                               




52         Led Zeppelin     


             Led Zeppelin III




53          Eagles            


            Hell Freezes Over                                            




54         Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers          


              Damn The Torpedoes




55         Split Enz          


            True Colours                                                  




56         Bob Dylan        


            Blood On The Tracks




57         Rolling Stones  


            Black and Blue                                                 




58         Bon Jovi          


            Slippery When Wet




59         Beatles            


           Let It Be                                                            




 60        Led Zeppelin    


             Led Zeppelin




61         Black Sabbath  






62         Jimi Hendrix     


             Electric Ladyland




63         Fleetwood Mac






64         Pink Floyd        


            Wish You Were Here




65         Pink Floyd        






 66        R.E.M  


         Automatic for the People




67         Eric Clapton     






68         INXS   






69            Queen           


         A Night At The Opera                                          




70         Doors  


          The Doors




71         Simon and Garfunkel     


            Bridge Over Troubled Water                             




72         Beatles            


          Rubber Soul




73         Rolling Stones  


            Some Girls                                       




74         Pearl Jam        






75         Jethro Tull        


            Thick As A Brick                                               




 76        Doors  


             L.A. Woman




77         Billy Joel          


            The Stranger                                                    




 78        Bob Dylan        


           Highway 61 Revisited




79      Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young       


            Déjà vu                                                            




80         Van Morrison    






81      Nirvana  






 82      Neil Diamond     


      Hot August Night




83         Doors  


          Morrison Hotel                                                      




84         Led Zeppelin     


             Led Zeppelin 4




85         Meatloaf           


            Bat Out Of Hell                                                   




86         Led Zeppelin     


         The Song Remains The Same




87         Lou Reed         






88         Bruce Springsteen        


              The River      




89         Bruce Springsteen        


            Born To Run                                                      




90         Credence Clearwater Revival    


                Cosmo’s Factory




91         Jimmy Barnes  


            For The Working Class Man                            




92         David Bowie


             Scary Monsters




93         Queen  






94         Stevie Ray Vaughan     


            Texas Flood




95          Eagles            


             Hotel California                                        




96           Cream           


              Disraeli Gears




97        Beach Boys      


            Pet Sounds                                             




  98         Pink Floyd      


            A Momentary Lapse Of Reason




99        Queen  


            A Kind Of Magic                                     




100       Travelling Wilburys        


              Volume 1                                                                            








 … and NOW, I would be pleased, if you know the artist or the albums as I do, my friends:  Would you please take the list and choose your Top 10 and Top 20 Albums/Artist,  from those which are already listed here: and share them with us in your own entry. I could give you reasons, places and people as the inspiration for ALL of my Top 21 choices. I’m sure you could all do the same!

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