Rock n’ Roll – Top 50 of 100 Albums!

Here they are in a list – will try to put up album covers later: I have them all – just need to display them!

1                      U2       

          The Joshua Tree          


 2       Dire Straits         

          Dire Straits


3          Deep Purple – Live        

            Made In Japan                                         



 4           David Bowie …..                                                                               

             Hunky Dory.


5              Wings          

         Band On The Run                                       


 6       Rolling Stones    

          Tattoo You


7          Talking Heads  

          Stop Making Sense                                     


8             Neil Young    

             Live Rust


9          Beatles            

           Abbey Road                                             


 10        Cat Stevens    

         Tea For The Tillerman



11         Supertramp      

      Breakfast In America                                      


12           Dire Straits     

          Brothers In Arms


13         Dire Straits       

        Making Movies                                              


14       The Beatles       

           Sgt Pepper


15           Beatles          

           White Album                                              


16          David Bowie   

           Station to station  Live


17         Pink Floyd!

           Dark Side Of The Moon.                            


18         Rolling Stones  

           Exile On Main Street


19         Dire Straits                                                                                



20         AC/DC            

         Back In Black


21     Peter Gabriel        



 22           U2   

         Achtung Baby


23          David Bowie    

            Ziggy Stardust                                           


24           Guns N Roses           

     Appetite For Destruction


25         Jethro Tull        



 26      Dire Straits        

         Love Over Gold


27         Rolling Stones  

            Sticky Fingers                                             


 28        Neil Young       



29         Led Zeppelin     

             Houses of The Holy                                    


30       Bruce Springsteen                                                                                                             

            Born In The USA          


31        Supertramp       

            Crime Of The Century                                  


32         Def Leppard     



33         Beatles            



34         Clash   

        London’s Calling


35       Pink Floyd                                                                                                                                          

              The Wall                                                    


 36        Deep Purple     

           Machine Head


37    Fleetwood Mac     



38         Elton John        

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


39         Steely Dan       

            Katy Lied                                                      


40         Led Zeppelin     

            Physical Graffiti


41         Carole King      



42        The Band          

       The Last Waltz


 43        ZZ Top



 44        Paul Simon      



45         Cars    

        The Cars                                                            


46         Rolling Stones  

             Let It Bleed


47         Jimi Hendrix     

         Are You Experienced                                        


48         U2       

         Rattle and Hum


49         Neil Young       

            Live Rust                                                         


50         Eagles

      The Long Run


This is the first 50….. the next 50 will follow in next entry!


Emmi 😀

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  1. WOW! My husband would freak. I will have to show him this. He loves music and he also has collected lots of record albums over the years. Great collection:)

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