Brilliant Days…Out in the Garden!

– Have had the most wonderful sunny days – feels more like summer rather than the first month of Spring. The fruit trees are shedding their blossoms, hopefully the buzzy bees have done their pollen spreading fertilising job, well! We should see fruit forming on the trees by the end of October… geez but Spring was Sooooooo early this year??!  

We have been watching the Americas’ Cup, live from San Francisco Bay. It’s been fabulous …. just to watch the skills of the sailors who have to manage these 12 storey boat masts. It’s like watching Formula 1 racing, sometimes. We are So enjoying it~! Today is a lay-day (rest day,) so that’s why I’m writing in the a.m. instead of the evening. I’m usually watching the sailing, now!

– Am swapping over our bedroom  again. Since we moved south to begin farming; every winter – David and I have moved our bedroom into the lounge, where the wood burner is located. Then, at the end of winter, we move back to the master bedroom. (We’ve done this every year except for part of the year that I turned 50.) There were no wood burners in the two of the three places we were living at that year.

This week and next week, we are in process of moving back to master bedroom. The summer heat is coming, and we want to be in our much cooler, room with the full length, dark blue, heavy curtains which keep out the heat during the day – and at night, we open them wide so that the cold window-panes keep the room cool. We have double french doors and 2 sets of windows in our bedroom.

After I’ve finished writing this, I shall go outside and complete my outdoor tasks for today. It should take me 20 to 30 minutes,: then I need to move the extra furnishings from my bedroom to the lounge, the treadmill and the Lazy-boy recliner, deal with a box full of unpacked stuff???… or not, may leave the box for another day!

That’s all folks!!


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