Great Humidity, Great Growth!

It’s so humid, because there’s a big storm brewing to the south, and major winds gusting through at 120 kms an hour. There are intermittant showers etc… the weather doesn’t really know what to do!?? Aah! Spring, she’s like a little girl in a pretty apple-green cotton dress, her hair pinned up in ringlets and curls, but her  legs and feet are all naked and muddy!!

Gusts of wind, blustery breezes sounding like the one string on a violin which has the bow dragged back and forth over it!! It’s the movement and sound of LIFE; of growing… of seeds bursting through the dark earth and the living spouts within, unfurling in the warm light and reaching upward. It’s the scent of green. 

I must attend to my sewing this afternoon. Knickers, here we go!!

During the morning, I toasted, under the grill, an oven dish full,  3 cups of rolled Oats cereal in 1/2 a cup of sunflower oil. As that toasted, I cut up a small cup of dried Dates, into little micro-dot pieces and mixed that with a cup of Sultanas. As the cereal on top toasted, I turned it over & smoothed the cereal out so it all toasted evenly. Once the colour of all the Oats had changed I poured a cup of dried Coconut threads over, and toasted them too. They scent the Oats and the room beautifully, but they toast quickly so I have to keep a watchful eye on them. Once they are done, I pour half a cup of Golden Syrup over and allow that to warm up under the grill until it’s all runnny, then I remove the pan from the grill and begin to mix the syrup through the Oats. Add the dried fruit and, “voila! ” a jar of museli. This is what my husband loves to eat for breakfast. It  will last for about 3 weeks … and, it’s economical and healthy for a young family. I made it for my own children when we lived on the farm, and they were pre-teens!  

Now, to these knickers! I have all the bits and pieces, the waist or hip elastic is just under an inch wide. The fabric will be one-piece, one end of the piece, stitched to the band at front,  running  down (36″) between the legs and up behind to be stitched to the back of the band.


hip or waist band. – 23 inches

length from  front band to back band – 36 inches

Fabric to band , front –  15 inches

Fabric to band, back  – 17 inches

Darts: 2 half inch darts – either side in the area  which sits directly between the legs. And, that’s it for the knickers. Now let us see if I can do this…. I’m nothing if not persistent and innovative! Will put pics up when they’re done!



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