feel better

I had 12 hours of sleep last night. woke up at 7:30 AM felt so much better than past couple days. I didn’t feel tired at all for entire day and started work out again. I started working on animation on my video. Today, I got intro and ending done with whole layout for almost 2 min video. The hardest part comes now all the animation in the middle will probably take me at least full two days to get done. Also talked the my old boss at the tv station to get the permission to use studio for the video. ended up exchanging with helping him out something on Saturday. So I guess I will be able to get the footage on next Saturday and finish up the whole video on Sunday if I get all the animation done before next Saturday. Seems like I have a lot of time. for doing this, I kind of have to hold off other projects. Since I posted a post for hiring a partner for ParkMartini today, I will probably wait till I get my video done and see if I get any response on that post.
well too much thoughts lol

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