We Love Our Animals!

I have a stuffed, 12 inch, brown bear sitting atop of my desktop tower, and he has a lime green bowtied ribbon round his neck. I got him as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, along with a package of perfumed lotions face-creams, exfoliators and body gel, last year!I have become extremely fond of “bear-bear,” (his name,) and tell him many of my frustrations, my concerns or worries, and – also, some of the ideas or solutions I have come up with, to various problems around my home, in my life…etc. Just being able to talk, and to hear my thoughts being spoken aloud, helps me enormously to find solutions and answers to my problems. I know that that is also what a diary does too. Giving one the ability to see the written word, but, I am a hearing person! My ears have a ‘seeing’ faculty for which I am so thankful! I am able to ‘see’ what the words I say, are describing!

The featured photo above, was taken at the Blue Heron Motor Camp where husband and I and 3 young adult children lived for three months in 1996. We carried 6 cats with us; there were 6 of them and 5 of us: almost one person to care for one and a bit cats! We let the animals wonder around the camp in the day time, but after dinner at about 7pm, they were put into their cat cages to spend the night. We figured that they were safer, that way. and of course – they were smart! They knew that it was only temporary, so we had very few problems with putting them into cat cages, then into an old sideboard unit which stood out on the boardwalk between our caravan and the little batch in which the children slept. We even covered the cages with a tarpaulin, so they were kept warm if the breezes got up, or we left them uncovered if it was a warm night! Husband and I have never owned a dog in our lives, but when we decided to go dairy farming, one of the first things we acquired, was a puppy, from the newly born litter of pups just born, on our first farm. We named him Tippy, for the white tip on his black tail! He  was a fabulous farm dog, did everything expected of him, and then some!  He’s 15 yrs old this year – the equivalent of a 75 yr old man in people years, and he has been unwell – but that was because we had not realised that old dogs need a different diet … we have solved that problem now … one of the things I  discussed with “bear-bear,” and came up with the solution from then on!  Ollie dog has a different diet – from Tippy, so husband has to prepare two separate meals twice a day, as well as continue to feed the girl cat! Our boy cat, Gray-gray hasn’t come home yet – but we”re confident that our Father, knows where he is, and that he is OK!

 I have so many photos of our pets, it is Not Funny!! Photos of our animals….



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