Be Mine, or not

“I can’t wait to call you mine.”

The night before it happened we were texting. We had been an on and off thing since Middle school, naive, but it was time for another round. Just freshmen in High School, he told me that he was ready to be with me truly this time.

Stupidly I believed.

But apparently he had to do one thing before “we” could be. He had to break it to his best friend (whom liked me at the time) that I was going to be his.

The next day at school, I couldn’t wait. We had our hushed morning hello and went on our ways. And then the moment came. It was Lunch time. Time to see him. It was time.

But as I wait with my friend… I can’t find him. I thought maybe he was in the cafeteria, it was raining after all. So we start to walk inside.

As we get closer to the glass doors I look over. Oh look, I found him! I walk closer, but who is she? Are they… Yupp… They are. They’re kissing. And oh look, I just so happen to know this strange girl.

It’s.. my own sister.

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