The Edible Garden.

Large POTS to plant vegetables into.

3  Tomato Plants – 1 pot

2 Courgette Plants – 1 pot

1 Cucumber plant – 1 pot

3 Silverbeet plants – 1 pot

3 Lettuce plants – 2 pots

2Thymes, 1 sage, 2 Parsleys – 1 pot

I will grow the plants from seedlings which I shall buy from the grocery store up the road! Will line the pots up against the corrugated iron fence, at intermittent intervals amongst the Rose plants!  the garden already has a concrete edging, Have spent the morning tidying the edging – cutting away the weeds and excess grass along it’s length! In the first week of next month – there should be a huge difference out there, with plant growth spilling over the pot edges.  I need to put up a clear plastic fence around the pots to keep the dogs from Peeing in them!


One thought on “The Edible Garden.”

  1. A friend has suggested that I fill a spray bottle with water, add a Jalepeno pepper to the bottle, shake the bottle and spray theliquid around the plant pots….. keeps the dogs away, they reckon!
    I shall try it and see!
    Emmi ;D

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