You’ll Never Guess!

The mail arrived this morning – and we have NO Power usage account to pay, this month! It is the Lords’ doing and it is marvellous in our eyes! I know it’s the Lord, because I asked for this, and He has given.

I had a dream 17 years ago, about carefully, walking through a very dark tunnel. I had a coal miners hat  on my head, with a light attached to the hat. Where-ever my head turned, that’s where the Light shone. If I kept my focus on the hope and the vision which I carried in my heart and in my mind (brain), and by Faith, stepped forward into the little light which I had, I made progress. If I stopped to examine the walls of the tunnel, or let Fear of not knowing or Uncertainty or Doubt enter my mind. The forward progress Stopped! Husband and I had been married 3 months, we were out on the island, (my/our family have homes and land, out on an island, up in the North of NZ,  we all share the land and the homes,) we had 2 grown teenager daughters in tow, and THERE WAS NO PLAN!

How amazingly,  things have changed in 17 years! Abundance is ours: and What I had percieved as NO PLAN, had actually been “The Plan!”… and,  that had been to get my mind, my energies, my thoughts, my every waking minute, to detach from being,  The Boss! I now had a husband who “would do the job” of being The Boss, and Head of our home! That’s how the abundance comes to us. (Us is just me and the pets, but  17 yrs ago it was me , 2 teen daughters, a teenage son: and 6 cats!

I actually wanted to make a list of the ‘abundances’ which we have received in the last 3 months … but there are so many, and they are only the things which I can see! There are so many other things which, if they had not occurred, the blessings which we enjoy as “special” today, would never have taken place!! So, our world has changed completely,  and that is beginning to manifest itself in my energy levels, and my complete absorbtion with the “Container gardening,”  of my spring garden.

In the 3 years that we’ve been in Carterton, I have never had the time, (too busy with the group,)  or the energy, (have had to battle this HF  and fatigue,)  or the inclination, (mind taken up with other matters,) – until now, to concentrate on my home, my husband, our pets, and developing long distance relationship with our children. My daughter in Wales and I have more contact now, than we had when she was living in Wellington and I in Bulls.  I received a phone call yesterday from Sylvi, the wife of the “groups” leader. They are leaving Carterton and  moving to Masterton, in the next week or so …………………………. I am free!!

This is the Lords’ doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes!  (Will write more about this tomorrow!)


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