I have never written a journal before and I am not sure what I want to document here. But I do know that I want to document things that are clattering in my mind in the hope that it would be both cathartic and also would be able to help me put a few things in perspective

Perspective is something that I seem to lack these days. I have never felt more lonely and alone in my life.  The feeling of being a loser is not a good one and does little to my self confidence. When I look back at my life it is a gaping hole that I see with absolutely no achievements or contributions. I always prided myself about my academic achievements and now with that gone as well, there is absolutely nothing left of my life.


One thought on “introspection”

  1. A lot of people feel that way sometimes. I don’t know how old you are so, if you’re a teen, remember things will get better. If your an adult, try to find your passion. Don’t feel pressure to actually listen to me, I’m not an expert. Hope you get perspective soon!

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