Here is another winner on my 1- 10 list for good read’s:) ( The Wednesday Letters) Was a book back in time and in the future. I don’t want to give to much away about the book so that’s all I am going to tell you:) But I will tell you I could not put it down. So I give this book a 10:) Let me know if anyone out there has ever read it.

5 thoughts on “Book’s”

  1. the book is fiction and its good:) The way to finish a book or read one is pick a good book then sit it on a place that you go to often and pick it up when you are not doing anything else. Read a couple of chapters every time your there and pretty soon you will have the book read.

  2. The very first job I ever worked at was as a librarian. I loved it, and I swear I read over a quarter of the books in that Library. I was 15, 16, and 17 at the time.- and the library was the biggest high school library in the Southern hemisphere, then. I found that reading alot helped one to gather and arrange their thoughts when it came to writing essays, and shortstories etc… I do prefer to read non-fiction though! Thanks for noting my journal. I really appreciate it!

  3. I not only read fiction but I love all books:) I love reading about history and other parts of the world:) My Mom was a reader of books and read to us growing up. She loved books and there was always large book cases with lots of different types of books in our home growing up. I have a real passion for gardening and have loads of books I have collected though the years on that subject. some are my mom’s and some I bought at antique shops I went to. I love old garden books and collect them. I also collect mini teapots:) That’s pretty cool to work in a large library. I like your journals very interesting to read:)

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