My love for book’s started when I was very young.

My mother loved book’s all kind’s of book’s and she was a lover of book’s. I don’t think there was a time that I did not see a book or two open often while growing up. She often read to us growing up and at night before bed. Her love of reading and book’s had someway found its way to my heart. I wonder why?

So I have come to love book’s and reading them as much if not more then my mother did. There was a time my mother wanted to write a novel and never really had the time to sit  down and write it. You see she lost her soulmate and best friend of 42 years of marriage at the age of 53, and life changed for her in a flash. So there went the novel out the window and happiness has she knew it. Then she was to busy raising 6 children and taking care of a household and working outside the home. The sad thing is when she did find the time to write that novel she died suddenly at home at the age of 63, and never will she write that novel or read another book again But I like to think that she is writing it or has written it now in heaven.

So now that you know a little about why I love book’s and reading I will start posting some of the book’s I read and post pictures of the book’s. Then I will give you a idea of what the book is about and why I like it or why I don’t. And if you have read the book then you can tell me why you liked it or not.  I hope to inspire your love of reading.

If you have seen the movie and have not read the book I suggest you do. And if you have read the book and not see the movie then I suggest you do also.  I loved both the book and the movie and the book is a little different. I give (Night’s In Rodanthe) A 10:)





9 Night’s In Rodanthe

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  1. Their was a book series of 4 books by Terry Pratchett( maybe misspelled) in order they are called the Wee Free Men: The Beginning, A Hat Full of Sky, The Wintersmith, I Shall Wear Midnight. They’re about a girl who finds out she’s a powerful witch. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s anything but. You should check it out if you’re into magic

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