For next week

Things I want to get done by next week.
Video, video, and video. I am pretty much ready just need some equipment to be delivered to my place so I can start shooing myself for footage then fine tuning animation. that will be it and I want to get this done before end of next week. In order to do that my tripod I purchased on online has to be arrived before Wednesday and now I have no idea when I will be getting that. I will go to hardware store to get more light later today and extra tripod for today or tmw. This is my third week working on this project and can’t really concentrate anything else beside this.

Very beautiful day here in Chicago. Church in the morning and swimming at the gym after. I saw a girl at the church today who I actually saw once before and like to know more about her. However, I get to shy to even say hi when the moment comes like today I guess. Any advice? I need your help on this 🙂

5 thoughts on “For next week”

  1. I will tell you now, I have never been in a realationship, hell i’ve never had a kiss, not even on the hand! But the universal response is you should talk to her, she’s probably too shy to talk to you. By the way, what is your gender? I thought you were a girl, unless you’re a lesbian, which is totally cool! ( not a homophobe!) * growls about being to nosy to live*

  2. Sorry for doubting your masculinity( if you have any : D jk) I think everyone I talk to online is a female unless their posts say otherwise. Downside, I have just realized I am talking to a male stranger on the internet, and a tech at that! * blushing deeply*

  3. I would just go up and talk to her and you might get lucky and she might ask you out:) Do it don’t wait some time you have to make the first move.

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