These Changes Must Come!

I have been awake since 5am this morning, praying a cover of safety, security, and happiness, over my children who are all grown and married. I lolled about in my warm snuggly bed until 6.30am when I shot out of bed, dashed into my bedroom, leaping over one of the still sleeping dogs, on the way – and grabbing jeans, a bra top new knickers and a sleeveless T-shirt. I had determined, just last night that I could now go walking before my day began proper….since my heart valve was behaving so nicely! I am still taking these medications, but I know that IF I listen to my body, I will know when the time is right to ditch each medication, and which one that will be!

SOoooo….I kissed my sleeping husband, woke him up, then headed out into the fresh new morning, for my walk. There were puddles, so it had rainned over night, but the trees and bushes sparkled in the wet morning light! I got up to the first intersection when the soles of my feet began to hurt. They were not used to bending so much: so as I stepped to cross the first road, my right foot began to drag a little. I kept on walking, but it was just a tad slower! I reached the 2nd intersection and turned right, to walk down the street: I slowed and stopped for a few minutes to talk to the people I knew on that street, who were putting out their Monday morning ‘rubbish collection” bags! Everyone seemed to be in good humour this morning. I reached the end of that street,and turned right again, heading down the main street, towards our street. Altogether, I had taken 25 minutes to walk two blocks out, and back!

At the end of next month, my daughter Sonna and I will be flying to Auckland to visit my Mum, just before her 80th birthday! We will stay for 2 days, so I need to be fit and NOT be a drag on my daughter. It’s all very well, Not being sick, anymore – it’s quite another thing to be well and FIT! I’m only 6 months off being 60 yrs old so I should be able to do this! A lifetime of being an “outdoorsy” person, growing up in the country, around animals, visiting & staying with cousins on their farms, hitch-hiking, tree-climbing, trekking – raising my own kids on a farm, and 10 yrs farming with husband, who was a top level sportsman before-hand. Fitness, wellness, open spaces and fresh air: these things have always been an important part of our lives: the basics rather than the optional extras!

I have 3 more weeks, and 6 more days, everyday, of this! The “happy hormones” have kicked in!


3 thoughts on “These Changes Must Come!”

  1. You said the words ” knickers” and ” rubbish” so you gotta be british! I love British accents!
    Your happiness is quite contagious. I am very happy for you

  2. Oh, I can speak with a british accent: I did it all the way through high school for 3 years. I’m a native (Maori) New Zealander: but my husband is Scottish!! Is that close enough to Engand?? – and I have a daughter & son-in-law living in Glamorgan in Wales. She’s married to an Irishman. My eldest daughter is married to a Scotsman as well – and my sons’ partner is Finnish! hahahahaha!. There’s always one!
    Emmi 😀

  3. i have a friend im dying to see that lives i Aukland!!!
    wanna go with u so bad!!!
    soynds like u had beautiful surroundings on ur walk. good luck with the meds. i hate meds. >_<

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