Well This Sucks

My dad was supposed to go to Chicago with my grandmother to see his sister, but their car service was cancelled because my dad never called to confirm, and they called him twice!  So they decided not to go.  I was going to watch an R-rated movie with my mom, and have fun without him.  in other news, I embarrassed myself in Biology when a kid asked a question about indian population, and he answered saying to ask an indian person, and maybe they would know.  I then blurted out,    “don’t ask me, i don’t know!”  Immediately, another kid asks” you’re indian? I didn’t know that!”  I still can’t believe I blurted that out, I’m normally so shy!

I hope you enjoyed my anecdote, BYE!!

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  1. Hey I’m sorry for the late response on your question about profile pic. it seems like u already figured it out by yourself. u live close to Chicago too? I’m in north side of Chicago!

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