cant wait

hubs is getting off work soon and i cant wait!
going to split a 12 pack after a loooooooooong day.
i managed to do some light working out while my smallest was napping. got some cuddle time in with my oldest. did a little cleaning and created this lovely account. i usually use facebook but i cant get all my feelings out there. im hoping to do that here. there’s a lot but not a lot going on in my life. i mean…there’s always something but my life is apparently too boring for my mom to listen to me.
thank goodness for my husband…i honestly wouldnt b alive today if it wasnt for him. he keeps me grounded and has been throgh a lot with me.
im rambling….so i’ll hush now.
just a heads up…i’ll probably b VENTING a lot. i gotta do it some where to make sure i dont vent upside someone’s head.
Hahaha. well….talk to you all later…if anyone is reading?
wanna know more about me then id b happy to reply to comments.

One thought on “cant wait”

  1. I listen to everyone’s posts and if they have a problem, I help them as best I can. You can count on me!( I have no social life so I’m either at home or school ). I mostly listen and comment when people tell me their problems in real life. My parents are very argumentative, and I have emotional issues, so we both can vent our feelings here!
    By the way, I love little kids! I’m too lovey dovey with my almost 5 yr old cousin, and likes my brother more than me! *~*. The other one likes Harry Potter though, so he’s much cooler : D

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