too cool for school?

anyone else have a huge fear of bad things happening to your kids?
i have a 4yr old and 9month baby. my daughter is supposed to start kindergarten next fall and i cant wrap my head around letring her go to school. with all the school shootings….and fear of her being molested (i was molested at age 4 at preschool…hence my fear.) but i just cant see it happening. im STRONGLY considering homeschool but my daughter BEGS ME to go to school. she’s very social, smart, funny, beautiful, polite….everything a predator wants to steal from her….
i HARDLY even let anyone babysit my children. not even to run to the store for milk…..i cant do it. her innocence can b taken away in a matter of seconds…even if i am with her….there’s always the what if’s….constantly. to the point where i break down and just cry and cry and shake cuz im crying so hard. i feel helpless….idk what to do. im worried about my children having their childhood ripped away by predators…but am i the one taking away their childhood by being so terrified? am i just as bad? ive raised them very well i must say. my daughter is very modest….very aware of who she doesnt like and i listen to her.
idk…im terrified….terrrrified!

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  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a website called where you can find babysitters’ credentials. I think every parent wants to protect their children, and yes, its a cruel world out there, but the best thing to do is teach your child how to protect herself. I am a teen and I know I resent my parents for not letting me do anything that kids my age get to do, and you don’t want to be that parent. The best thing you can do is find trustworthy babysitters and schools and hope for the best.

    Hope this helped!

  2. i cant even trust family members enough to babysit so is extremely out of the question.
    i was an only child in a single parent home. my mom was VERY strict but i ended up not a lil girl anymore at 4…when she wasnt around. it wasnt a kid at school…a teacher….or janitor….it was one of our cook’s sons that would go from class to class and “visit” while his mom worked.
    homeschool just sounds so good….id still let them do public sports and other stuff with kids (my daughter is REALLY into ballet) but i just cant see sending my children away for 8 hrs. blah….enjoy ur youth. im only 24 but all the worry has aged me to 34….thanks for the feedback.

  3. oh and i resented my mom BIG TIME! but as soon as i had my first child….didnt even HAVE her out yet…..i understood y she was so protective.
    she taught me how to fight too but i was 4 and being threatened with my mom’s life.
    i know NOW that a 14 yr old wouldnt of actually killed her…but when ur mom is the only parent u have…you thinkYOURE protecting her. 🙁

  4. I’m not a parent, so I guess I’m not really qualified to give advice on this anyway. This is just my opinion, but you really should have at least 1 trusted family member that can watch your children when you’re out. Maybe you’re mom? I know if you’re never away from your kids, your relationship with your husband will suffer( is this going to far? I apologize). Pretty sure thats what happened to my parents. Again I’m a teen who does not have kids, although I am taking Parenting at school.

  5. my mom has deep issues and neglects watching my kids. she kind of treats my daughter differebtly than my son. favors my son more because, in her words, “he actually looks native.” so sometimes she can b trusted and sometimes she cant b. it’s really hit and miss and im not gambling a good or bad day with her babysitting. my MIL who lives 3 hrs away always wants to babysit but i DONT TRUST her new hubs. i have a list of red flags that point towards child molester and im not even kidding.
    my FIL also lives 3 hrs away and he is amazing. but he kind of just lets the kids do what they want. like a grandparent is supposed to do tho. but it’s been a loooong time since he took care of kids so that makes me iffy.
    i just always worry. when ure a mom…u will understand. i dont ecen watch the news anymore cuz it just scares me.
    phew…i wrote a lot. srry.
    i do hace a big family and friebds but the ONLY person i fully trust my kids with besides myself….is my husband. he”s the best dad and husband ever.

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