things are okay

I open up and i trusted but it never worked, but to say it was all bad is a lie i just never saw that i was opening up to the wrong person… i was spending all my time on someone who didn’t care for me and never wanted to be in my life! but thats okay i’m not upset and i’m not hurt well not as much as normal because i was wasting my time on someone who wasn’t worth it! i spend so much time in fear on if he would understand or care and not enough on the things i should have seen! he came and he went.

This is time to start new i have someone who cares and means it i have told him more about me than anyone and hes still there he hasn’t run off hasn’t thrown it back in my face! i’m not sure what this feeling that i have is but i love it, he makes me want to be a better person, and most of all i know i can go to him all the time and not just when hes not busy like right now he is at work busy trying to do a heap of things and he still finds the time to talk to me and notice the small things like if my mood drops or if i’m holding something back! if thats not caring than i really don’t know what is! despite someone i loved walked away i feel okay because i have him here i feel so lucky right now its been 2 days since i have harmed myself and its cause of him… Thanks Matt 🙂

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