Weekend Plans

I get Friday off this week because I am awesome!( we’re actually off for the Chicken Festival).  So we might go for the rides( and funnel cake!).  And on Saturday, we’re gonna see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2!  It’s gonna be a gooooood weekend .  Totally makes up for the fact I watched a video of a woman giving birth.  Talk about scarring for life! I am never having kids!  EVER!!

I hope that I didn’t gross the dudes reading this too much( contrary, I actually hope you’re terrified!)

Comment on my weirdness!

I love you all, spy ya later!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Plans”

  1. One comment stood out in your journal, today! “I’m never having kids, ever!” 😀
    Neither of my two grown & married daughters are ever going to have children either!!
    …but I have a son, and He has made one grand-daughter for me. I’m happy – and though it was a cinch giving birth to the children, raising them was quite another thing!!
    😀 Emmi

  2. If I was going to have kids, I’d wait til I had a partner and a stable career first. Thanks for commenting, I thought people were sick of me and my cheerfulness and weirdness!

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